Profile: Cihan Ergur



The 34 year man in the picture above is Cihan Ergur, a digital marketing professional. After four years working for a company in Turkey Cihan moved to New York city in 2014 to integrate the company’s headquarters team.

With a profound experience in digital marketing after working in several agencies in Turkey and having his own company, he is now responsible for all Mavi Jeans digital efforts.

Cihan says that his interest in working with advertising was driven by his early interest in the TV. He still remembers how he was amazed with the short messages being transmitted with songs and moving pictures when he was 3 years old. That make him want to work with ads.

He is a optimist  about the new trends of technology. According to him, the wearables will be so common that we won’t feel like using a machine and seem then as a piece of clothes. Augmented  reality gadgets like Google Glass will help people achieve more and artificial intelligence is something great and not to be worried about. He also believes that technology will be smarter as people gets smarter.

When asked about the future Cihan said that he wants to move to another country, learn new things and a different culture. Seems a great plan for a curious mind, right?